Window tinting enhances safety and security

Solar window tinting film is available in different gauges or thickness. Depending on the requirement of our customers we could order the appropriate film for the job under review. When solar window tinting film is installed on a glass window, it provides additional strength and prevents the shattering of the glass.

This quality of the solar window tinting film enhances the safety measure of the glass itself as it prevents illegal intrusions and vandalism. Solar window tinting film from Jim’s Home window tinting Perth is easily removable and any graffiti could be thrown away and a new film installed the cost of which would be a fraction, if you are to replace the complete glass.

Large glass windows in areas where the general public moves around, like Malls, supermarkets and department stores, could be made safer with frosted film which would be easily visible and prevent accidents. Accidents due to large glass windows can be dangerous due to injury from broken glass shards. Jim’s Office window tinting Perth would be happy to provide all the technical information required for businessmen to study and install it.

The solar window tinting film can be digitally printed with any message you would need to convey if you are a business enterprise. Your window can be used effectively as a medium for advertising your products and services. Advertising space is very expensive today, and there is no better way than to use your own space for advertising at no cost to you.

Your car is another place where it could get dangerously hot, and without adequate air-conditioning it could be even life threatening. With Jim’s Car window tinting Perth you could reduce the glare, heat and dangerous UV rays, and also increase the output of your air-conditioning unit to perform at optimum levels.

When the air-conditioning in a car performs at optimum levels there would be a reciprocal bearing on the fuel consumption, which would reduce noticeably. It has now been accepted that solar window tinting is good for your health, saves money and also provides a host of other advantages. It is advisable to have all windows installed with solar window tinting film for a better and comfortable lifestyle, which also enhances your safety and security.


What a top job can do for you.

Browsing through new job vacancies advertised on the rakiyawa website would surely bring you the desired results, because we have some of the best jobs found anywhere else.

With our years of experience and proactive attitude we have been able to integrate employers and employees together and helped them to meet their mutual aspirations.

Our commitment has been unwavering in the quest to see that all vacancies sent by our registered employers are filled as soon as possible and with the best candidates that we could find.

The Sri Lankan jobs carried on the rakiyawa website originate from reputed and bona fide employers who have an unblemished reputation to uphold.

The confidence that we at rakiyawa exuberate is contagious to our applicants as well and a majority of them have succeeded in some top jobs, earning high remunerations.

We have been guiding our applicants from the first step of a well designed cv onwards taking them through the paces and seeing that they succeed in the top job that they deserve to be in.

Succeeding in a top job Sri Lanka would place your future on a roller coaster ride bringing you and your family fame and fortune.

Topjobs bring high remunerations and also entitles you to some very attractive perks.

Most of the top jobs in Sri Lanka have propelled incumbents to a better social life and helped to educate their children in better schools and universities.

There are many new jobs that would come your way, but once you are entrenched in one of the better jobs it would be most prudent to hold onto it rather than frequently changing and gathering “no moss, like a rolling stone”.

Concrete resurfacing to rejuvenate old concrete surfaces

Old concrete surfaces could look dull and be out of place in elegant surroundings. Rejuvenating it and bringing it back from obscurity to blend with other areas in your compound by trying out our Concrete resurfacing or Spray on concrete would be a great idea.

Spray on concrete whilst enhancing an ambience of beauty would also help to reflect solar energy and reduce the ambient temperature in the surroundings. With a very wide selection of attractive colours it is the ultimate solution for faded and offbeat concrete surfaces.

Jim’s Paving has been leading the spray Paving business for years and others have always followed our innovations and latest technical improvements, introduced form time to time. With our technical knowhow our customers, would get a job well done.

Having a Driveway repair to accepted local council standards is no big deal today, with Jim’s professional services available to anyone. Repairing your driveway and bringing it back to better condition needs  professional hands and that is what Jim’s could offer at very competitive prices.

Driveway resurfacing needs technical expertise and cannot be completed satisfactorily with unqualified personnel, without the required experience and expertise.

Likewise Asphalt resurfacing too needs a professional input, and for this type of work you need to utilize the appropriate machinery and Jim’s has all equipment to complete a perfect job. Without the proper equipment and machinery no job can be completed satisfactorily.

Jim’s has an army of experienced personnel who could provide any type of premises big or small with some great Landscaping ideas, and converting these into practical designs is the responsibilities of others in our organization. To carry out what is on paper on to the ground is a special quality which is inherent in our staff.

Surfaces that are wet always could be dangerous for children and adults alike. With Permeable floors this problem could be solved. With ample materials to choose from, Jim’s has completed some very eye catching jobs around the city and suburbs.

Permeable paving   uses different types of materials from stone resin to stones and blocks. If there is a problem with your driveway, due to constant wetness, there is the possibility of getting your complete driveway with Permeable paving.